Research Staff

Evie Astorina

Laboratory Manager, Laboratory for Relational Cognition (PI: Green)
305 White-Gravenor Hall

Fradely Delacruz

Laboratory Manager, Child Development and Social Policy Lab (PI: Anna Johnson and Rebecca Ryan))

Paige Freeburg

Laboratory Manager, Laboratory on Social and Affective Neuroscience (PI: Marsh)
304 White-Gravenor Hall

Brylee Hawkins

Laboratory Manager, Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory (PI: Vaidya)
401 White-Gravenor Hall

Grace Hickman

Laboratory Manager, Community Research Group (PI: Woolard)
402 White-Gravenor Hall

Erika Ikeda

Laboratory Manager, Math Brain Lab (PI: Lyons)
313 White-Gravenor Hall

Alejandro Jaco

Research Project Manager, Happy Tech Lab (PI: Kushlev)
301-N White-Gravenor Hall

Layla Stroer

Laboratory Manager, Early Learning Project (PI: Barr)
413 White-Gravenor Hall

Margaret Weisblum

Laboratory Manager, Stress, Health, and Development Lab (PI: Chiang)
403B White-Gravenor Hall