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Dr. Shawn Rhoads awarded the 2024 Harold N. Glassman Dissertation Award

May 17, 2024Dr. Shawn Rhoads has been awarded the 2024 Harold N. Glassman Dissertation Award in the Sciences for his dissertation: Understanding others and valuing their welfare: The neural basis of interpersonal accuracy, social learning, and altruistic choice. One of Shawn’s 3 dissertation papers has already been published in PNAS Nexus, which is one of 8 first-author publications (and 24 total peer-reviewed publications) he had published at the time of nomination. Shawn has also been the recipient of a range of other awards and honors since he matriculated at Georgetown, including the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (one of only 2 awarded in social neuroscience the year he applied), the Lindau Nobel Laureate Young Scientist Distinction, and the Dr. Karen Gale Exceptional PhD Student Award. Congratulations, Dr. Rhoads!