Postdoctoral Scholars

NaomiAguiarNaomi Aguiar

Postdoctoral Fellow
Children's Digital Media Center (PI: Calvert)
Ph.D (Psychology), University of Oregon

Dr. Aguiar's research focuses on children’s concepts of virtual characters and social robots, and how these concepts change over the course of development and through experience with these technologies.  She is also interested in children’s experiences of fully immersive virtual environments, and their concepts of the characters that inhabit these spaces. 

Emily Peterson

Postdoctoral Scientist
Laboratory for Relational Cognition (PI: Green)
Ph.D (Human Development and Quantitative Methodology), University of Maryland

Dr. Peterson investigates spatial problem solving in secondary students through a collaborative grant with Georgetown University, James Madison University, and Northwestern University. Her research investigates individual differences in visuospatial reasoning and multiple source use to understand how students integrate and transform information in educational settings.