Rachel Barr thumbnailRachel F. Barr

Professor - Infant Cognition (website)
Co-Director of Graduate Studies
Email: rfb5@georgetown.edu
Interests: Transfer of learning skills by infants, utilization of information sources available to infants for learning including television, books and touchscreens, role of parent-child interactions during learning, bilingual and monolingual memory development.

calvert_thumbnailSandra L. Calvert

Professor - Children's Digital Media (website)
Director, Children's Digital Media Center
Email: calverts@georgetown.edu   
Interests: Developmental and child psychology; cognitive and social development of children; effects of television and computers on children's development.

Yulia Chentsova-Dutton Profile PhotoYulia E. Chentsova-Dutton

Associate Professor - Cultural Psychology (website)
Email: yec2@georgetown.edu
Interests: Cultural psychology; affective science; emotional responding; advice-giving; cultural differences in major depression.


green_thumbnailAdam E. Green

Associate Professor - Cognitive Neuroscience (website)
On Sabbatical Spring 2018
Email: aeg58@georgetown.edu                  
Interests: Relational Thinking and Reasoning; Creativity; Educational Neuroscience (especially in real-world STEM classrooms); Spatial Cognition; Intelligence; Learning; Neural Representation and Representational Change; Cognitive Neurogenetics; The Cognition of Belief; Facilitating creative intelligence via cognitive and neural interventions.

Anna D. Johnson

Assistant Professor - Child Development & Public Policy (website)
Email: johnsoad@georgetown.edu    
Interests: Child development; public policy; early environmental influences on vulnerable children's development (poverty, early care and education, early intervention).


Ian Lyons

Assistant Professor - Cognitive Neuroscience (website)
Email: ian.lyons@georgetown.edu
Interests: Numerical cognition; mathematical thinking and learning; math anxiety; math education – social, cognitive and emotional factors; acquisition of symbolic systems – numerical symbol representation; cognitive development; cognitive neuroscience.


Janet Mann

Professor - Animal Behavior (website)
Email: mannj2@georgetown.edu               
Interests: Ethology; ecology; evolution; development and parental care in mammals; current research on the behavioral ecology, tool-use, reproduction and development in female bottlenose dolphins and their calves.

marsh_thumbnailAbigail A. Marsh

Associate Professor - Social & Affective Neuroscience (website)
Email: aam72@georgetown.edu                  
Interests: Emotion, empathy, altruism, aggression, social perception and nonverbal behavior.


Paul S. Merritt

Assistant Teaching Professor
Email: paul.merritt@georgetown.edu 
Interests: Applying the science of learning and memory to the classroom, how low stakes testing can improve learning, effects of stereotypes on perceptions of sexual minorities and the effects of drugs on cognition in healthy adults. 

Fathali Moghaddam Profile Photo ThumbnailFathali M. Moghaddam

Professor - Social & Cultural Psychology (website)
On Sabbatical Spring 2018
Director, Interdisciplinary Program in Cognitive Science
Email: moghaddf@georgetown.edu              
Interests: Professor Moghaddam's research explores the cognitive and cultural foundations of political behavior, with specific focus on democracy and democratization, rights and duties, conflict, terrorism, and minority-integration.

W Gerrod Parrott Profile Photo ThumbnailW. Gerrod Parrott

Professor - Human Emotions
Email: parrottg@georgetown.edu
Interests: Functional and dysfunctional aspects of emotion; cultural variability of emotions; history of emotion theory and research; envy, jealousy, shame, guilt, and embarrassment; interdisciplinary research involving psychology and the humanities.

Deborah Phillips Profile Photo ThumbnailDeborah A. Phillips

Professor - Developmental Psychology (website)
Vice Dean for Faculty, Georgetown College
Affiliated Faculty, McCourt School of Public Policy
Co-Director, Center for Research on Children in the United States
Email: dap4@georgetown.edu              
Interests: Developmental psychology; child development and public policy; effects of early care and education on early development.

Rebecca Ryan Profile Photo ThumbnailRebecca M. Ryan

Provost's Distinguished Associate Professor
Human Development & Public Policy
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Email: rmr64@georgetown.edu
Interests: Early child development; environmental influences on development (parenting, family structure, and socioeconomic context); developmental perspectives on child and family policy.

Chandan Vaidya Profile Photo ThumbnailChandan J. Vaidya

Professor - Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (website)
Department Chair
Email: cjv2@georgetown.edu            
Interests: Neurobiological basis of normal and disordered development of executive control (e.g. Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism) using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and behavioral methods.

Jennifer Woolard Profile Photo ThumbnailJennifer L. Woolard

Associate Professor - Developmental, Community, & Law (website)
Co-Director of Graduate Studies
Adjunct Professor of Law, Georgetown Law Center
Email: jlw47@georgetown.edu              
Interests: Developmental and community psychology; law and social policy; adolescent and school violence; judgment and decision-making in legal contexts; attorney-client interactions and ethical violations; intimate violence victimization.