The Department is comprised of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, post-doctoral fellows, research and administrative staff, and award-winning lecturers, all of whom share a common goal of moving the science and teaching of psychology forward. 



Faculty research and teaching advance understanding across areas of Psychology and Neuroscience.

Graduate Students

Ph.D. students in our Program conduct research on a broad range of topics in Psychology and Neuroscience.

Postdoctoral Scholars

Postdoctoral Scholars conduct independent research on a range of topics, and also work in close collaboration with Department Faculty as mentors.

Research Staff

Research Staff allow for the smooth conduct of research in laboratories.

Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff facilitate the work of the Department by providing support with logistics and grant management.


Alumni of our Graduate Program have gone on to positions in universities, research institutions, non-profit organizations, and government, where they are working to move the science of Psychology forward.