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Inaugural Member of APAGS Science Committee

October 10, 2014 – The American Psychological Association of Graduate Students (APAGS) has selected Erika Fountain (new window) (mentor: Woolard (new window)) to serve a 2 year term as an inaugural member of their Science Committee. This is a great way to amplify the voice of science at the American Psychological Association (APA) and strengthen the graduate student voice at the national level as well.

The APAGS Science Committee represents the perspectives and concerns of graduate students in psychological science. The committee advocates for science-focused students by: (1) Advocating for the promotion and integration of science across multiple psychological science organizations, (2) Working for increased allocation of resources to fund student research in psychological science, (3) Encouraging the development of innovative programming for the annual APA convention that meets the needs and interests of science focused students, and (4) Examining and recommending strategies for the recruitment and retention of emerging scientists within APAGS and APA.