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Google Glass Comes to Georgetown

On November 4, Google Glass Explorer Marc Garrett made an appearance in the Department as an invited guest speaker for PhD student Elisabeth McClure’s seminar Human Connection in a Digital World. From the use of Skype in infancy to the success of robotic companions for the elderly, Elisabeth’s seminar introduces upper-level undergraduate students to the complex ways that intimate human connections at all ages are transforming in a world that is more digitally connected than ever.

As part of the course, Elisabeth invited Marc to give a hands-on demonstration of this new technology. The students, all of whom are Psychology majors in the Department, were fascinated by the implications of Google Glass for social and emotional development and had a thought-provoking discussion with the Explorer.

Marc Garrett was very impressed with the students and ultimately wrote a blog post about the experience. He even offered the students his only three invitations to join the Google Glass Explorer program.