COVID-19 Research

Dr. Yulia Chentova-Dutton

Dr. Chentsova-Dutton is doing COVID research both at GU and internationally, data analysis still underway.

Dr. Anna Johnson & Dr. Deborah Phillips

Dr. Johnson and Dr. Phillips are doing COVID work related to their Tulsa SEED Study.

Dr. Kostadin Kushlev

Dr. Kushlev is conducting several studies on COVID. He is both collecting data and looking at existing data, focused on how digital communication during COVID predicts well-being.

Dr. Abigail Marsh

Dr. Marsh is working with 1DaySooner, which is recruiting volunteers for human challenge trials. The research she is conducting with them is related to assessing motivations of the 30,000+ challenge trials volunteers who have signed up so far, and the ethics of allowing people to volunteer to be infected with COVID deliberately in order to get vaccines produced more quickly.

Dr. Rebecca Ryan

Dr. Ryan and Dr. Anna Johnson are conducting COVID research, having fielded daily diaries of low-income families in rural Pennsylvania from January to June 2020, and hopefully continuing to follow those families starting in November.

Dr. Ryan’s work in this area is featured in the Brookings article, “COVID-19 could erase parenting gains of the last 30 years.”

Dr. Jennifer Woolard

Dr. Woolard’s lab is interviewing parents of youth involved in the juvenile justice system about their experiences advocating for their incarcerated children during COVID-19.