Please click on the expandable boxes below to see members of our Faculty who conduct research on each of these majors topics within psychology.

Dr. Adam Green (PI) 2015-2017 Relational Causality Cognition as a Mechanism of Belief in God in the U.S. and Afghanistan (ID 51971) John Templeton Foundation $301,917
Dr. Adam Green (PI) 2015-2017 Collaborative Research: Cognitive and Neural Indicators of School-based Improvements in Spatial Problem Solving (DRL-1420481) National Science Foundation $1,503,361
Dr. Adam Green (PI) 2014-2020 Development of novel measures of exceptionally creative relational reasoning Pymetrics $55,000
Dr. Abigail Marsh (PI) 2014-2017 Examining the role of shared neural representations of pain-related affect in empathy and altruism John Templeton Foundation $595,620
Dr. Abigail Marsh (PI) 2014-2016 The role of prospective altruism in stem cell donation Templeton Science of Prospection Awards $150,000
Dr. Rebecca Ryan (PI) 2014-2016 IBSS-Ex: Relationships Among Parenting Approaches, Home Environments, and the Development of Children's Skills National Science Foundation $247,501
Dr. Janet Mann (PI) 2014-2016

Monitoring Provisioned Dolphins in Shark Bay, Australia

Department of Parks and Wildlife, Australia


Dr. Rebecca Ryan (PI) 2014-2016 Inequality at Home: The Evolution of Class-based Gaps in Young Children’s Home Environments and Pre-School Age Skills from 1986 to 2012 Russell Sage Foundation & Washington Center for Equitable Growth $97,860
Dr. Steven Holochwost(PI) 2014-2016 Building Strengths, Buffering Risks: Evaluating the Effects of Sistema-Inspired Music Programs in U.S. Communities Andrew W. Mellon Foundation $100,000
Dr. Deborah Phillips (PI) 2014-2015

Long-term effects of the Tulsa PreK program

Foundation for Child Development


Dr. Deborah Phillips (PI) 2014-2015

Long-term effects of the Tulsa PreK program

The Heising-Simons Foundation


Dr. Anna Johnson (PI) 2014-2015

Patterns of food assistance program participation across early childhood and associations with child food insecurity and kindergarten wellbeing

Institute for Research on Poverty (IRP) RIDGE Food Assistance Grant

Dr. Chandan Vaidya (PI) 2009-2015

Neuroimaging of top-down and bottom-up processing in executive control in childhood ASD

National Institute of Mental Health  $1,125,000
Dr. Anna Johnson (PI) 2014-2014

Informing the next decade of public pre-kindergarten design and evaluation

Georgetown University Reflective Engagement in the Public Interest Grant

Dr. Anna Johnson (PI) 2014-2014

Center-based early care and education for children with special needs

Georgetown University Summer Research Fellowship

Dr. Sandy Calvert (PI) 2013-2018 Using Educational DVDs to Enhance Young Children's STEM Education. National Science Foundation National Science Foundation $2,484,744
Dr. Sandy Calvert (PI) 2013-2016 The Unhidden Persuaders in Food Marketing to Children National Science Foundation $750,000
Dr. Jennifer Woolard (PI) 2013-2015

Waiver of Counsel in Juvenile Court

National Institute of Justice


Dr. Steven Holochwost(PI) 2013-2015 Building Strengths, Buffering Risks: Evaluating the Effects of Sistema-Inspired Music Programs in U.S. Communities Buck Family Foundation Award $160,000
Dr. Jennifer Woolard (PI) 2013-2014

Parental Perspectives on District of Columbia Public Schools Policy

Society for Community Research and Action Mini-Grant Program

Dr. Adam Green (PI) 2013-2014 A Cognitive Neurogenetic Investigation of Responses to Tobacco-related messaging American Legacy Foundation $55,700
Dr. Rebecca Ryan (Co-PI) 2012-2014 The Impact of Nonresident Fatherhood on Adolescent Sexual Development (1R03HD069740-01A1) National Institute of Child Health and Human Development $77,500
Dr. Rachel Barr (PI) 2010-2015

Learning from Touchscreens during Early Childhood (1023772)

National Science Foundation


Dr. Darleen Howard (Joint PD/PI) 2010-2015 Aging and the cognitive and neural bases of implicit associative learning National Institute on Aging of the National Institutes of Health $2,185,975
Dr. Janet Mann (PI) 2009-2015

ABR/LTREB Renewal: Reproduction, social networks, and socio-ecology of wild bottlenose dolphins

National Science Foundation