Faculty Talks 2016

Members of our faculty are often invited to give talks and presentations at Georgetown and other institutions. Take a look at their upcoming talks in 2016!

October 2016

  • October 12 - Rachel Barr -  Giving a colloquium talk at NYU

  • October 21 - Jennifer Woolard - Expert panelist for the Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs discussion: "A Community-Based Approach to Juvenile Justice."

September 2016

    • September 29 - Fathali Moghaddam -  Giving a lecture as part of the series Science and Society: Frontiers of the Mind. A joint project with the Laboratory of Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology at Stanford University Medical School.

August 2016

  • August 6 – Paul Merritt - Giving invited address to Society for Experimental Psychology and Cognitive Science (Division 3) at APA. Presentation title: Low-Stakes Quizzes Using Tophat Are Predictive of Learning, Easy, and Popular With Students

May 2016

  • May 2 – James Lamiell –  Giving a talk in the Department of Psychology at Kansas State University in honor of the late Franz Samelson.
  • May 4 – Darlene Howard – Giving a talk in the Department of Psychology at University of Virginia with James Howard

  • May 10 – Darlene Howard - "Promoting Successful Aging" to the Foggy Bottom/West End Village, a non-profit neighborhood association of volunteers who aim to make it possible for older people to age in place in a community.

  • May 18 – Deborah Phillips - Featured speaker at Annual lectureship at Children’s National in Community Mental Health in honor of Dr. Alan Zients; Washington, DC.

  • May 31 – Deborah Phillips - Keynote speaker, Sesame Workshop Forum on Fostering STEM Trajectories in Early Learning; Washington, DC.

April 2016

  • April 7 - Fathali Moghaddam -  Talk in DC about his book "The Psychology of  Democracy" at  IVY, a 'social university mobilizing rising leaders towards social impact, art, and entrepreneurship'  

  • April 8 – Rachel Barr - Screen sense:  Use of technology during early childhood.  Keynote address Minnesota Association for Family and Early Education (MNAFEE), St. Cloud Minnesota.

  • April 11 – Jennifer Woolard -  Adolescent development and juvenile justice: Putting research into practice. Presentation at the Maryland Office of the Public Defender’s 2016 Annual Conference, “Embracing Humanity & Equality In Pursuit of Justice.”  April 11, 2016 in Ocean City, MD. 

  • April 13 – Chandan Vaidya -  Invited speaker for the Elizabeth Doty Memorial Lecture in the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Rochester.

  • April 13 – Rachel Barr & Jennifer Woolard – Cost-effective juvenile justice reform. Lessons from the Just Beginning 'Baby Elmo' Teen Parenting Program. GUPJI Faculty Seminar Series: Department of Government, Georgetown University. 

  • April 13 – Darlene Howard – Giving a talk in Department of Psychology at Georgia Tech with James Howard

  • April 14 – Rebecca Ryan – Giving a talk at American University’s School of Public Affairs as a part of their Research Seminar Series

  • April 22 - Jennifer Woolard - The use of solitary confinement in juvenile justice facilities. Presentation for a panel convened by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, US Dept. of Justice, at the Coalition for Juvenile Justice conference “"Redefining Leadership: Engaging Youth, Communities, and Policymakers to Achieve Better Juvenile Justice Outcomes,”  April 22, 2016 in Washington, DC. 

  • April 28 - Fathali Moghaddam - Main speaker at the meeting on 'Constructing Peace Amid Trauma and Human Rights Violations: From Academia to Practice' at the University of Chicago