*Adjunct faculty

**(202)  687 + 4 digits shown

Students should note that not all faculty are available outside of office hours for drop-in visits so it is recommended to come during office hours if possible. You may also email faculty to schedule an appointment outside of office hours.

Professor Room Office Hours - Fall 2018 Phone Email
Rachel Barr WGR 301 B Monday 1-3:30pm 7-8064 rfb5@georgetown.edu
Andrea Bonior*   Monday 10-10:45am at Midnight Mug & by appointment   alg7@georgetown.edu
Sandra Calvert WGR 306 G MW 3-4pm & by appointment 7-3968 calverts@georgetown.edu
Yulia Chentsova-Dutton WGR 306 C Friday 3-4:30pm 7-3639 yec2@georgetown.edu
Adam Green WGR 302 A Thursday 7-9pm 7-5581 aeg58@georgetown.edu
Anna Johnson WGR 301 D By appointment 7-5320 johnsoad@georgetown.edu
Jelena Kecmanovic*       jk2000@georgetown.edu
Kostadin Kushlev WGR 302 C TR 4:45-6pm 7-3034 kk1199@georgetown.edu
Ian Lyons WGR 302 H Wednesday 3:30-5:30pm 7-5404 ian.lyons@georgetown.edu
Abigail Marsh WGR 302 B Tuesday 3:30-5pm 7-4100 aam72@georgetown.edu
Fathali Moghaddam WGR 301 A MW 11am-12pm & by appointment 7-3642 moghaddf@georgetown.edu
W. Gerrod Parrott WGR 306 I Tuesday 2-3pm & Thursday 11:30am-12:30pm 7-4084 parrottg@georgetown.edu
Deborah Phillips WGR 301 C MW 10:45-12:00 & by appointment 7-4132 dap4@georgetown.edu
Rebecca Ryan WGR 301 G On sabbatical 7-2215 rmr64@georgetown.edu
Deborah Stearns WGR 301 F TR 1:30-3pm, by appointment, & walk-ins welcome 7-1939 stearndc@georgetown.edu
Chandan Vaidya WGR 306 B By appointment 7-4274 cjv2@georgetown.edu
Jennifer Woolard WGR 306 H TR 10-11:30am 7-9258 jlw47@georgetown.edu