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Rachel Barr (thumbnail) Rachel F. Barr
Associate Professor - Infant Cognition (website)
Interests: Transfer of learning skills by infants, utilization of information sources available to infants for learning including television, books and touchscreens, role of parent-child interactions during learning, bilingual and monolingual memory development. 
calvert_thumbnail Sandra L. Calvert
Professor - Children's Digital Media (website)
Director, Children's Digital Media Center
Interests: Developmental and child psychology; cognitive and social development of children; effects of television and computers on children's development.
Yulia Chentsova-Dutton Profile Photo Yulia E. Chentsova-Dutton
Associate Professor - Cultural Psychology (website)
Interests: Cultural psychology; affective science; emotional responding; advice-giving; cultural differences in major depression.
David Crystal Profile Photo Thumbnail David S. Crystal
Associate Professor - Cultural and Developmental Psychology
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Interests: Cross-cultural contexts of psychopathology; cultural and individual foundations of tolerance and intolerance; developmental differences in concepts of normalcy and deviance in diverse societies; cultural and physiological correlates of eating disorders.
green_thumbnail Adam E. Green
Assistant Professor - Cognitive Neurogenetics (website)
Interests: Human intelligence (especially understanding how neural and molecular-genetic processes constitute intelligence; analogical thinking is a focus because it represents broadly useful intelligence yet is a relatively constrained process).
RomHarre Rom Harre
Distinguished Research Professor - Cultural Psychology
Interests: The role of language and other symbol systems in how people think, feel, and act; philosophical issues in creating a truly scientific psychology.
Darlene Howard Profile Photo Thumbnail Darlene V. Howard
Professor - Cognitive Neuroscience (website)
Davis Family Distinguished Professor of Psychology
Interests: Cognitive aging, cognitive neuroscience of aging, cognitive and neural bases of implicit forms of learning, maximizing learning in adulthood. 
Anna Johnson Anna D. Johnson
Assistant Professor - Child Development & Public Policy
Interests: Child development; public policy; early environmental influences on vulnerable children's development (poverty, early care and education, early intervention). 
James Lamiell Profile Photo Thumbnail James T. Lamiell
Professor - History & Philosophy of Psychology
Department Chair
Interests: Historical, philosophical, and methodological aspects of psychology; human individuality.
JanetMannProfilePhotoThumbnail Janet Mann
Professor - Animal Behavior (website)
Interests: Ethology; ecology; evolution; development and parental care in mammals; current research on the behavioral ecology, tool-use, reproduction and development in female bottlenose dolphins and their calves.
marsh_thumbnail Abigail A. Marsh
Associate Professor - Social & Affective Neuroscience (website)
Interests: Emotion, empathy, altruism, aggression, social perception and nonverbal behavior.
Fathali Moghaddam Profile Photo Thumbnail Fathali M. Moghaddam
Professor - Social & Cultural Psychology (website)
Director, Conflicts Resolution Program
Interests: Justice and culture; the psychology of dictatorship and democracy; security and terrorism; power relations and conflict; positioning theory; psychology and globalization.
W Gerrod Parrott Profile Photo Thumbnail W. Gerrod Parrott
Professor - Human Emotions
Interests: Functional and dysfunctional aspects of emotion; cultural variability of emotions; history of emotion theory and research; envy, jealousy, shame, guilt, and embarrassment; interdisciplinary research involving psychology and the humanities.
Deborah Phillips Profile Photo Thumbnail Deborah A. Phillips
Professor - Developmental Psychology (website)
Affiliated Faculty, Georgetown Public Policy Institute
Co-Director, Center for Research on Children in the United States
(On leave, 2012-14 as President, Foundation for Child Development)
Interests: Developmental psychology; child development and public policy; effects of early care and education on early development.
KarlPribram Karl Pribram
Distinguished Research Professor - Neuropsychology (website)
Interests: Neuropsychology; the relationship between brain, behavior, and mind (psychology).
Rebecca Ryan Profile Photo Thumbnail Rebecca M. Ryan
Assistant Professor - Human Development & Public Policy (website)
Interests: Early child development; environmental influences on development (parenting, family structure, and socioeconomic context); developmental perspectives on child and family policy.
Steven Sabat Profile Photo Thumbnail Steven R. Sabat
Professor - Neuropsychology and Dementia
Interests: Neuropsychology and remaining cognitive and social abilities of people with Alzheimer's Disease.
Chandan Vaidya Profile Photo Thumbnail Chandan J. Vaidya
Professor - Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (website)
Co-Director of Graduate Studies
Interests: Neurobiological basis of normal and disordered development of executive control (e.g. Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism) using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and behavioral methods.
Jennifer Woolard Profile Photo Thumbnail Jennifer L. Woolard
Associate Professor - Developmental, Community, & Law (website)
Co-Director of Graduate Studies
Interests: Developmental and community psychology; law and social policy; adolescent and school violence; judgment and decision-making in legal contexts; attorney-client interactions and ethical violations; intimate
violence victimization.

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